Waynesboro City Hall Staff

Waynesboro City Hall Staff


Office Staff  

Darlene Skelton, Paige Jackson.
Joyce sherrill, Mandy Gobbell


 Waynesboro City Hall Staff provides specialized personnel assistance to every branch of city government.

The Waynesboro City Hall Staff work diligently to accomplish the following:

■ Establish and maintain a computerized personnel system and personnel records.
■ Assist the City Manager in personnel service budgeting.
■ Maintain a valid reference library pertaining to personnel services.
■ Coordinate Workers Compensation Program
■ Coordinate Unemployment Program
■ Monitor and maintain the employee benefits system within budget constraints.

Darlene Skelton, City Recorder, and staff assist each of the department heads, and particularly the City Manager's Office in the establishment of employee benefit programs. The Waynesboro City Hall Staff also monitor personnel policies to assure compliance to state and federal laws.

The City Court Clerk, Paige Jackson, works from within the City Hall, handling all traffic citations, parking tickets, and city ordinance violations according to the judges decree.

Wanda Steiner, City Bookkeeper, ensures proper documentation of accounts receivable and accounts payable as well as handling employee insurance matters.

The City Clerk, Executive Secretary to the City Manager, handles daily business transactions such as building permits, utility billing and assisting the City Manager as needed.